Add logbook entries to the logbook

  1. Go to Logbook and sign in as a Empower Group Care admin for your company.


    The option Add a domain will not be available if using the legacy free edition of G Suite.

    On the left side menu, click Logbook
    *Alternatively, you can access the Logbook from Facility, Residents or Staff from the left side menu.
    Click the Create New button below Filters.
    Select the Facility from the drop down list – if the user is only associated with one facility, the facility is automatically selected and no action is required.
    Select the Template from the drop down list by typing in the name of the Template or scroll through the dropdown list – See  How to manage  Logbook Templates for a Facility.
    Fill in the fields for the logbook entry.
    Click the save button located below the fields to save this entry.

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